FREE eWaste Recycling with The Technology Tree January 24 2019

Recycling is very important in maintaining and protecting the Earth. There are many environmental and public benefits of recycling such as lessening the amount of pollution, conserving energy, gaining recoverable resources and ultimately helps us lessen the amount of natural resource depletion.

The Technology Tree offers FREE eWaste Recycling daily to everyone in our local area. 

Check out our page on Facebook for more information along with videos, presentations and drop off or pickup information.


North Side High School Jazz Fest February 07 2017

North Side High School

The Technology Tree is a proud sponsor of the North Side High School Jazz Fest. We will have tables setup at the festival with laptops, tablets and accessories along with information about our eRecycling program.

Stop by and see us! Remember to Buy Refurbished and Save at The Technology Tree!

About the North Side Jazz Fest:

FREE eRecycling August 01 2016

Are you thinking of throwing away that old laptop, netbook or desktop computer, or old computer parts and accessories? Do you have something that needs repair that you want to get rid of?

In an effort to help you and our environment, along with reducing the amount of "electronic trash" that ends up ultimately in our landfills, The Technology Tree is looking to collect as many of these types of items as we can, either for recycling or reusing in other ways. We feel it is best to have electronics recycled as throwing away or dumping some electronics can be illegal due to the hazardous contents inside.

Examples of the types of items were able to recycle are: Laptop Computers, Desktop Computers, Netbook Computers, Tablets, MP3 Players, Monitors (No CRT or Tubes), Computer Software & Media, Computer Parts (Hard Drives, Sound & Graphics Cards, etc.) and much more....

If you are interested, you can begin the process by contacting us via e-mail or send us a message on Facebook. Please be sure to include a full description of your items.

Alternatively, you can also drop off your items for recycling at our store located at 6014 Huguenard Road, Suite C, Fort Wayne, IN 46818