The Technology Tree's Back to School Sale July 15 2016

The Technology Tree is having a Back to School Sale at our store located at 6014 Huguenard Road, Suite C, Fort Wayne, IN 46818. It will feature many different items available for sale in our store. We present the items available for sale both in our store and our shop.

The sale will take place from Monday July 18, 2016 to Saturday, July 23, 2016. We will have special extended store hours during the sale. We will be open from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and also 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.

The list below are just a few of the items that will be available during the one week Back to School Sale.

-- Laptops from $175 and up, Ultrabooks starting at $300!
-- MacBook Air & MacBook Pro Ultrabooks
-- Apple iPods from $65 and up
-- Apple iPads from $200 and up
-- Desktops from $50 and up
-- Computer Monitors from $50 and up
-- Tablets from $70 and up,
-- Convertible Tablet/Laptops from $200 and up
-- HDMI Cables, HDMI Adapters, Tablet & Laptop HDMI Cables
-- iPhone & Smartphone Cases & Accessories, Kindle Accessories, Apple iPod & Apple iPad Cases, Tablet Accessories (Apple & Android), iPad Leather Organizers,
-- Electronic Clipboards
-- Laptop Bags
-- Apple Cables, Adapters & Accessories
-- Media Cases $0.25 and up (DVD, Blu-ray, XBOX, XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 & 4 Cases)
-- Computer Speakers $30 and up
-- Camera Accessories (Filters, Polarizers & Cases)
-- MP3 Player Accessories (Docks, Sync Cables)
-- External USB Hard Drives
-- Wireless Routers, USB Wireless Adapters
-- Laptop Parts & Accessories (AC Adapters, Memory (RAM), Laptop Cooling Pads
-- Desktop Parts & Accessories (AC Adapters, SATA Cables,
-- Desktop Keyboards & Mice Combos , Laptop & Desktop Mice
-- Computer & Tablet Cleaning Supplies, Cleaning Kits