Belkin AV10120-06 Tablet to HDTV 6ft. (1.8m) HDMI Mini & Micro

$ 10.00 $ 40.00

If you can access it on your tablet or Smartphone, you can view it on your HDTV. Connect your tablets, Smartphones, or HD digital cameras to your HDTV. Whether your portable device comes with an HDMI Micro or HDMI Mini port, this multi-solution ensures you can enjoy all the content available.

24k gold-plated connectors create precise contact for low signal loss. HDMI connector to HDMI Micro connector provides superior performance for connecting portable devices with HDMI Micro ports.

Devices must have an HDMI Micro or HDMI Mini port

  • View programs accessible on tablets or smartphones on HDTV HDMI(R) Micro/HDMI(R) Mini

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