Dell Inspiron One 2020 All In One Desktop PC

$ 200.00

Stay slim.

The incredibly thin, space-saving Inspiron™ One 20 all-in-one (AIO) PC keeps your desk clutter-free. Plus, the 20" screen gives you a large space to play.

Its sleek profile creates a streamlined, clutter-free presence in almost any room.
The slim system edge is just 1.36" thin, and the system depth is just 2.49" thin (not counting the depth of the pedestal).

The wireless keyboard and mouse fit nicely with your display.

Go easy.

The simple one-cord setup makes it quick and easy for you and your family to dive into all the things you like to do. Catch up with friends on your favorite social sites or tackle the night’s homework in short order. You’ll always enjoy the pristine appearance the one-cord design helps create.

Power on.

Tackle finances and engage the whole family in stimulating projects with Intel® processors and Windows® 8.1 Home. And with 4GB DDR3 memory you can:
Enjoy fast photo and video editing, stunning movie watching and seamless multitasking.

Keep the kids engaged in educational sites and exciting games day or night.
Gain a smooth experience on all the family's favorite applications.

Chat away.

Stay connected with friends and family in real time with a built-in HD webcam.

Everyone in your home can use the Inspiron One 2020 to video chat with true-to-life visual clarity and outstanding audio.

Keep up with those close to you, no matter how far they live or travel.
Built-in digital mic help cut down on background noise while you video chat on services like Skype.

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