Hype 6.8 Amp Smart Adapter w/ 5 USB Ports

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The Hype 5 Port wall charger is a convenient travel companion to accommodate your charging need on the road with the ability to charge multiple USB devices at once from one wall socket. With the foldable and wall mount design, it is easy to use and then tuck away while traveling. The unit is compatible with almost all USB devices that can be charged via USB ports in the market. The wall charger has 5 USB ports with an output of 6.8 amps combined. The unit will automatically adjust power output to fit your charging devices. 


  • Quick Charge Technology Compatible with all USB charging cables
  • Turn 1 outlet into 5 USB charge ports
  • Smart USB Technology
  • Multiple charging combinations
  • Input: AC 110-220V Output: DC 5V; 6.8 A
  • Maximum power: 40W

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