Suttle 900LCS-50E 1-line Inline and Auxiliary DSL jack

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1-line filtered and auxiliary DSL jack
Part # 900LCS-50E
Color Ivory (50)
Dimensions 4.33"L x 1.3"W x 0.76"H
Suttle Datasheet technical_literature/Datasheets/Premise_Copper_Passive_Products/xDSL_Connectivity/900LCS-50E.pdf
Instructions Inline_Filter_inst.pdf
Voice Lines 1
Bandwidth Technology ADSL
Filter Style Inline
Labeling DSL/Phone
Input 1 x RJ14 plug
Output Phone: 1 x RJ14 jack (filtered)
DSL: 1 x RJ14 jack (unfiltered)
Wiring USOC


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